The place in Gent for Tribal & Fusion Bellydance

Looking for a great way to work out and to de-stress? Search no further. Teuta's classes are a mix of dancing, yoga, cardio training and fun! Discover muscles you didn't know you had, make new friends, dance, smile and have fun.

Workshops are a great way to delve deeper into your dance. That's why we regularly host (inter)national teachers to teach you all you ever wanted to know about tribal fusion bellydance and beyond.

Want to meet like minded people? Teuta's events are the place to meet your (inter)national dance friends and inspirations. There are 2 festivals every year: Fusion Breeze in May, and Fusion Freeze in December.

Join the Belgian Tribal Fusion Bellydance Community on Facebook and stay up to date on all that is happening in bellydancing Belgium.