What should I wear to class?
Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. A hip scarf is always good to see your movement. Since we also do a yoga based warm up, don't wear a scarf with bells
Do I need to dance with my belly bare?
This is one of the biggest misunderstandings about bellydance classes. But no worries, you don't have to show your belly if you don't want to. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in
Can I still join the classes?
Classes start 2 times a year: in September and January. If you would like to join the classes at another time, just contact Teuta at info@teuta.nl to discuss the possibilities
Can I come and try out?
Yes you are very welcome for a trial class. Trial classes are 10 euros. But there are also free trial classes in January and September 🙂
Can I pay per class?
There are currently no drop in classes. All classes are part of a whole semester. If you cannot come to class every week, but you still want to dance, you can have a look at our workshops.

Read more about workshops here

When are the shows?

For semester 1 the show is on Saturday December 9th in the evening.

For semester 2 the show will be in May. The exact date will be anounced later.

Are there classes during the holidays?

You can always find the class schedule in our agenda

Semester 1 (Sept 2017 - Dec 2017)

Dates classes open level: Wednesday September 20th - December 6th 

No class on November 1st 2017

Dates classes advanced: Tuesday September 19th - November  28th & Wednesday December 6th 

No class on October 31st 2017, December 5th 2017

Semester 2 (Jan 2018 - May 2018)

Dates classes open level:  Wednesday January 31st - May 23rd

No class on February 14th 2018, April 4th 2018, April 11th 2018.

Dates classes advanced: Tuesday January 30th - May 23rd

No class on  February 13th 2018, April 3rd 2018, April 10th 2018, May 1st 2018

I can't participate in the show. Can I join the classes?

Yes you are still very welcome to join. But do keep in mind that a part of the class will be dedicated to learning the choreography. 

Are your classes in English?

Teuta's dance school is meant as a place for dancers of all nationalities to connect. That's why our website is in English. Classes are generally in Dutch, but if there are English speaking students, then part of the class will be translated so that everyone understands.