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Hazel (FR)
Dancer, choreographer and teacher of Oriental dance Tribal fusion and ATS (American Tribal Style), Hazel transports the audience through each facet of her poetic personality through her dance. Hazel calls on all senses of the audience while sharing her emotions in all simplicity. Her dance gives the impression that the music transcends her entire body while guiding all her moves, displaying at times sensual voluptuousness, while at other times profound strength. Hazel is a pioneer of the Tribal Fusion dance and ATS styles in France, and was the first to teach professionally in Brittany. Self-taught since 2006, she then perfected her dance through master classes and in-depth workshops with the world’s most renowned dancers. Hazel continues to train internationally with other Tribal Fusion experts, in addition to collaborating with them in innovative performances. Her influence continues to shape the evolution of Tribal Fusion style, while maintaining the foundations of traditional Tribal Fusion and ATS styles. A teacher of Tribal Fusion since 2008, Hazel teaches daily classes in four French cities, as well as regular workshops all over France. Her annual dance school performance showcases the talent of her 150 students. Since 2010, Hazel has been organizing a wide range of events, such as performances and intensive weekend workshops with some of the biggest names of Tribal Fusion. In 2012, Hazel was the proud host of the 4th edition of the Tribal Umrah festival in Rennes, France. In solo, or with her troupe “Imrama”, Hazel performs regularly at various events, including festivals and private functions.
Carry (NL)

In 2006 Carry started her bellydancing and yoga journeys in Amsterdam. Needless to say, she fell in love with both and they have stuck with her since then. Even while living abroad in Ottawa, Buenos Aires and Brussels, she always continued doing her practices. Yoga and dance nourish her heart and bring her peace of mind whenever and wherever. Completing a 200 hours yoga teacher training in Nepal and meeting some wonderful yoga and dance teachers along the way have helped her to deepen her knowledge about the alignment of the body and the importance of balancing strength and flexibility. She now no longer strives for the deepest backbend but rather for a well-executed one. After all, your practice should serve the body and not the other way around. Combining yoga and dance with her background in working with healing crystals, she is integrating body, mind and soul in every practice. You can expect from her some dance flow and yoga Zen.

Karolien (BE)

Due to her Ghanaian roots, dancing has always flowed naturally through Karolien’s veins. Her style is rooted in hip hop but since a few years she has found great joy discovering bellydance and Tribal Fusion. Considering the body as a temple she also found another passion in massages. As a professional massage therapist she wishes to help heal and take care of our precious bodies.


Elegance galore: French up your Fusion
Saturday May 20th | 11.00 - 13.30

French up your Fusion Hazel style. In this workshop, we will work on refining our dance to achieve that sultry mysterious look so typical of tribal fusion. Hazel will share her unique techniques to achieve maximum elegance and grace in your dance. We will be focusing on reinforcing our upper body for good dance posture. But also on arm & hand placement, framing the body and creating that signature serpentine tribal fusion style.

Flawless Technique 1: Shimmies & flutters
Saturday May 20th | 14.00 - 16.30

A crash course in shimmies: Is your shimmy stuck in one place? Ever wonder what the difference between a twist shimmy and a 3/4 shimmy is? Are you still not understanding how to flutter? Then this workshop is for you! In this technique and drilling-intense class, Hazel will cover a variety of shimmies and their technique. Basic shimmy, 3/4 shimmy (up and down), over shimmy, hagala step, choochoo shimmy, shoulder shimmy, twist shimmy, flutter... Shimmy, shine and smile away in this fun workshop!

Flawless Technique 2: Slow, sleek and slinky
Sunday May 21st | 11.00 - 13.30

Bring your liquid serpentine belly dance technique to the next level. Smooth and effortless technique requires deep knowledge and control of movement and muscles. In this workshop Hazel will review some tribal fusion fundamentals in depth and focus on smooth transition techniques for complete body fluidity. Deepen your movement quality and reach the full potential of your moves through flexibility, strength, fluidity ànd softness.


Bunx Up: Dancehall Fusion
Sunday May 21st | 14.00 - 16.30

Brand-new workshop inspired by Hazels fun and fast-paced dancehall fusion choreography "Bunx Up". Add a little Afro Carribean flavour to your bellydance. This super fun workshop will not only give you some new sizzling moves to put in your dance, but also a matching sassy attitude: sexy, empowering, and expressive! Get ready to whine, slam, shake, sweat and more importantly: bunx up!

Massage workshop by Karolien
Saturday May 2oth | 16.30 - 18.30

Have you ever craved for a massage after a workout or a whole day of dancing? We often think of massages as in spa retreats but we can bring it closer to home, we can massage each other, we can even massage ourselves! During this workshop massage therapist Karolien will teach some simple techniques you can apply on yourself at all times, no experience needed. Relaxation, pain relief, preventing injuries, increased flexibility, dopamine boost, just to name a few benefits. Not only the body will be super thankful, as they say “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Treat yourself, all you need is you and your body.

Dancers Yoga by Carry
Sunday May 21st | 16.30 - 17.30

Yoga is a wonderful addition to your dance practice as it can help you to become more aware of the alignment of your body and to build strength and flexibility. This yoga workshop led by Carry will be fun and dynamic so you can finish this weekend stretched out, chilled out and smiling. We will go through a series of dynamic (duo) yoga postures inspired by the love for dance, followed by some slower movements and a relaxation. You don't need to be an experienced yogi or super flexible to join this workshop. Whatever level of experience you may have just enjoy, breathe and come home to your body.




Available online until May 18th!


Performer application for the 3rd edition of Fusion breeze is closed. Stay tuned for the artist call in May for Fusion Freeze 3


So, you want to apply to vend at the Fusion Breeze III Show? That's great! The show will take place at Saturday May 20th from 20.30 to 22.30. Everyone is welcome to sell (tribal fusion) bellydance related goods or services. We love smaller vendors who sell hand made, unique, or specialty items. But also second hand goods are very welcome. Or services: henna, massages, or anything dance related. Read all about it by clicking the button below.


Send an email to info@teuta.nl Subject: Eat, meet, greet, repeat. Mention how many places you want to reserve
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Performer application is now closed. Applications were open from February 3rd to February 19th.
Are you a vendor designing or selling tribal fusion/ bellydance costumes, jewelry or attributes? Or are you a henna artist who wants to embellish the dancers and audience with a henna tattoo? It's all possible at the bazaar of the Fusion Freeze Show.

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Without volunteers the festival wouldn't be the same. We always need enthusiastic volunteers that can help us during the weekend: From helping with setting up chairs and stage for the show, to filming the event. From photography to sound and light. From presenting the show to helping with vending or production. It's all possible. We appreciate all the help we get from volunteers. As a thank you, we can offer free entrance to the show. And of course a lot of fun! Want to volunteer? Then send an email to info@teuta.nl with a short motivation.
Ghent is a beautiful city, and if you are visitingthe festival you might want to consider booking an extra day to see all the ancient beauty this city has to offer. If you are looking for an accommodation, here are some suggestions. The closest accommodation to the event venue is B&B A Place to Be. There are 2 hostels within 20 minute walking distance from the venue: Hostel 47 and KaBa Hostel. Ghent has a quite active couchsurfing community and there are some beautiful AirBNB's to be found in or near the city. Want to meet some new dancer friends? Then post in the Fuson Breeze facebook event to see if there are any dancers in Ghent offering accommodation.
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Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent (BE)

Walking distance from train station Ghent Dampoort


Paid parking at Land van Waaslaan from 09.00 until 19.00 (except Sunday). Big paid parking at Oktrooiplein (7 minute walking distance)

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From the city center (Stadhuis, Korenmarkt, Sint-Jacobs ...) take bus 3, 17, 18, 38 to Dampoort.

From Gent Zuid (Woodrow Wilsonplein) take bus 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77 en 78 to Dampoort.

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