Teuta2 weeks ago
This summer is filled with dance 😀 I hope to meet you somewhere on the dancefloor <3
Teuta3 weeks ago
Tomorrow we dance! 😀 Time for Bellydance Summerschool II Feel very welcome to join <3 No experience needed, just a smile and a desire to dance. Did I mention yet that the people who join the first workshop get a small present? Join in to know what it is ;P Subscribe here:
Teuta4 weeks ago
Urban Belly Flow represent. Very happy to be hosting this unbelievable lady for a workshop at Bellydance Summerschool II <3 Don't wait too long with booking your spots, 50% of the workshop spots are already booked :D
Fusion Breeze 3 - Anika
Performance of Anika @ Fusion Breeze III, the tribal and fusion bellydance festival hosted by Teuta. Date: May 20, 2017 Location: Planeet Mars, Gent, Belgium...
Teuta4 weeks ago
This weekend Oblique will be touring around the country to perform 😀
- First up: Saturday evening, Adivassi - World of Fusion II in Liège, hosted by the lovely Coralie Adivassi
- And on Sunday afternoon Dansshow Her/History Opwijk, hosted by the wonderful Liesbeth Alen
We are looking forward to dancing and meeting all of you there <3
Teuta4 weeks ago
Teuta4 weeks ago
The first Fusion Breeze video is online, and it's a very special one 🙂 Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone, and that's exactly what I did for this dance. It took some months of figuring out, but I am very happy with the result 😀 The theme of this dance is connection, and that's exactly what I felt in dancing this with my beautiful students last Saturday. Thank you all <3 And especially Louise Vermeersch for the months of brainstorming about this skirt ;)
Fusion Breeze 3 - Teuta & Students
Performance of Teuta and her students @ Fusion Breeze III, the tribal and fusion bellydance festival hosted by Teuta. Date: May 20, 2017 Location: Planeet Ma...
Teuta1 month ago
To all my beautiful students who are wondering if there are classes this week: the answer is YES 😀 The last classes of the season. See you there! And no worries, we can keep dancing in the summertime, Bellydance Summerschool II is around the corner <3
Teuta1 month ago
Wowwwwww! That was 1 Amazing weekend!!! Thank you so much everyone for filling Fusion Breeze with your presence, love, dance and smiles. I feel inspired, loved and very happy to be surrounded by so many loving beautiful people. So thankful for everyone who was there! First of All, the beautiful Hazel Imrama Danse for being such an inspiration, wonderful teacher and unbelievable dancer. All the dancers who made the stage shine as never before <3 Planeet Mars and especially my rock Jessie Vercruysse for giving us this stage to shine on. My wonderful students for being there with all your beautiful smiles, you all looked so wonderful on stage. And thank you so much for the amazing present! The photographers Stefan Couvreur and Hallway Vision for always being there to create lasting memories for us. My unbelievable friends and family for helping me out in every single way possible: you are the best! Karolien DjaDja Coussement for the great massage workshop and presentation, you rock! Carry Hergaarden for the wonderful relaxing yoga workshop. I still feel zen :D Annelisa Alyza for being the best production babe on the planet. My brother Ilir Dibrani for being you and for filming all of our dances! Designers Tiphanie Henrard and Louise Vermeersch for the amazing costumes <3 Louise Vermeersch again because you have been my rock this year! And Niels Jansen & Annelies Jansen for being the amazing friends you are, and for helping me out every single festival. Also with the very important relax part after the festival :D And of course everyone who was in the audience and in the workshops. Fusion Breeze wouldn't exist without you! From the bottom of my heart: Thank youuuuuuuuuuu <3
Teuta1 month ago
Fusion Breeze day 1 was amazing!!! So much love, dance and smiles 😀 Ready for day 2. There are still spaces available in the workshops. Feel free to join us at Planeet Mars
11.00-13.30 Flawless technique: Slow, Sleek & Slinky
14.00-16.30: Bunx Up: Dancehall Fusion
16.30-17.30: Dancers Yoga
Teuta1 month ago
Ready for Fusion Breeze 3! See you all tomorrow <3
Teuta1 month ago
Online Ticket Sales for the Fusion Breeze Show on Saturday will Close Tomorrow Morning at 09.00. So don't forget tot get your tickets now. There will also be tickets available at the door for all you last minute deciders 🙂
Teuta1 month ago
In 1 week it's finally time for the 3rd edition of the Fusion Breeze III festival. Really looking forward to this 😀 Everyone welcome to join. Hope to see you all there <3
Teuta2 months ago
Happy international dance day everybody <3 Today I want to share with you the reason I fell in love with Tribal Fusion Bellydance many years ago. I saw these amazing ladies from The Uzumé perform: So much beauty, mystery and fluidity. I was sold right away :) Still very happy that I started classes with the wonderful Tjarda Van Straten back in the days. It brought me so much. Thank you Tjarda for being my teacher, friend and big inspiration.
The Uzumé@Tribal UMRAH Festival
Tribal bellydance Amazing performance (as usual) from The Uzumé (Netherlands)
Teuta2 months ago
Teuta2 months ago
Subscriptions for Bellydance Summerschool are now open 😀
Teuta2 months ago
Tickets sales for the Fusion Breeze Show have started 😀 Get yours here!
Teuta2 months ago
Bellydance Summerschool will be funnnnnnnnnn! Save Wednesday evenings in June and July for some serious dancing. 1st workshop is hosted by your personal drill instructor: Meeee 😛
Teuta3 months ago
In 1,5 month it's finally Fusion Breeze time! Don't forget to book your workshops, 50% of the spots is already taken 😀 <3
Teuta3 months ago
Early bird prices for the Fusion Breeze workshops is extended until this Sunday March 19th 😀 Don't miss this chance to get the workshops at a really nice discount price <3

♥ May 17th Special Belly Burn edition: Belly Burn goes zeroes!


Tuesday May 17th: 20.30 – 21.30

The last Belly Burn class of the season will be a very special one, it’s a dedication to the zeroes.

Think Britney, Bomfunk MC’s, Outkast, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne!

Don’t forget to bring your biggest smile, your 00s outfit, your 00s hairdo, and your 00s friends 🙂

Never tried a Belly Burn class before? This is the perfect chance for you to try out!

Come and dance along.

♥ Workshop Imagine! The Power of Thoughts


Sunday May 22nd: 10.00 – 13.00

There are still a few spots left in the special workshop by Esther Nederpelt (NL)!

Don’t miss your chance to study with this gifted teacher who is coming to Ghent for this unique workshop about the power of your thoughts in dance.

Accessible for dancers in all styles!

Read more here.

♥ Fusion Breeze Show Line Up

Fusion Breeze

Sunday May 22nd: 16.00 – 18.00

Proudly presenting the line up for the second edition of Fusion Breeze , we have artists coming from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany:

Esther Nederpelt | Tjarda | Matthias | She Beckons |
Teuta & Students | Oblique | Dãnapati | Alyza | Holy pie! |
Alma Divyna | Asu | Emovimento | The Amano Project | Lena |
King Louis | Lotte Lies | Bellydancing Pam | Dragitsa |
Naiad’s Jewels | Samyra & The Gothsamies |
Matthias’ Performance intensive | Azimés Style

Don’t miss this wonderful fusion bellydance show and get your tickets here!

♥ March 15th Belly Burn goes 90s!


Tuesday March 15th: 20.30 – 21.30

March 15th Belly Burn goes back to the 90s! Bellydance meets zumba meets 90s.

Music, outfits and dance moves, all inspired by your 90s heroes!

Come and dance along.

♥ Only 2 spots left for Matthias’ performance intensive

Advanced dancers only (2)

We are very happy to have selected the first dancers for Matthias’ performance intensive.

In this intensive, especially created for advanced and professional bellydancers,

we dive into the fundamentals of contemporary bellydance, the choreographing process and more.

Click here for more info and application form.

♥ All new class info online

All 2016 classes are now online. Take a look around and book your classes now!

– Tuesdays, 20.30-21.30: BELLY BURN

– Wednesdays, 19.30-21.00: TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE

– Wednesdays, 21.00-22.00: PERFORMANCE CLASS

All classes take place at Planeet Mars.

Register here

♥ Fusion Freeze, starring Tjarda

registration now open

December 12, it’s time for the first edition of Fusion Freeze.

The registration for the workshops is open as of today.

And there is a special early bird discount if you book before November 1st.

So book your spots now! Send an email to or register here!

♥ Update Classes and Events

Dear dance friends,

Due to family circumstances there have been some changes in my schedule.

  • Belly Burn: Postponed. Classes will start October 6th. This will be a free trial class.
  • Tribal Fusion All Levels: No changes. Free trial class on September 23rd
  • Performance Group: This class is cancelled. You will be reimbursed if you already paid.

Workshops with Matthias will still take place. I will be answering all your mails in the coming weeks.


Fusion Freeze will still take place. More info next month.


More info on scheduled performances will follow soon.


Thank you for your understanding.

Warm regards,


♥ New classes starting in September

Performance Group @ Fusion Breeze. Photo by Jessica-Ann Schoonjans

♥ NEW: Belly Burn (All levels)
Tuesdays: 20.30-21.30
Free trial class: October 6th
Bellydance, fitness and fun

♥ Tribal Fusion Bellydance (All Levels)
Wednesdays: 19.30-21.00
Free trial class: September 23rd
Technique, Drills and Choreography

More info on classes

Workshops with Matthias: October 24th

Matthias. Photo by Thomas Benschop
Matthias. Photo by Thomas Benschop

I’m very honored to host Belgium’s best kept tribal fusion secret, Matthias, for 2 workshops in Ghent.

Soft and subtle layering lessons

14.30 – 17.00: FRAME WITH GRACE
Learn how to gracefully frame your body

More info on workshops

Fusion Freeze on December 12th

Performers Fusion Breeze. Photo by Niels Jansen.

After the succes of the first edition of Fusion Breeze in June,

Teuta will be organising Fusion Freeze in december.

There will be a show, an open stage for tribal and fusion bellydance,

and very special workshops from an international star teacher.

Keep your whole day and evening free and stay tuned for more info…