Weekly Classes

Wednesdays 19.30 - 21.00
Start: February 8th 2017

Tribal Fusion Bellydance uses the beautiful snake like movements from bellydance but puts it into a new and inspiring context. Bellydance is being mixed with different movement and dance styles, from Oriental to Flamenco to Modern Dance.  Bellydance out of the box! These classes are open to dancers of all levels, no experience required. We will learn and drill the beautiful tribal fusion bellydance techniques, and create a choreography which will be performed in Teuta's show.

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Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.00
Start: February 7th 2017

This advanced level class is for students who already have a few years of bellydance / tribal fusion experience. Delve deeper into Tribal Fusion bellydance, building on the foundation technique as we layer isolations together and learn new movements and steps. This is a technique class where movements are drilled to increase muscle memory. We also create a choreography which will be performed in Teuta's show.

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Tuesdays 21.00 - 22.00
Start: February 7th 2017

The performance class is meant for Teuta’s advanced dedicated dancers wishing to perform. Dancers wishing to participate are expected to be familiar with basic tribal fusion or bellydance technique, as well as be willing and able to do modern and contemporary (floor)work. It is also important to pick up choreographies quickly. To get accepted for this class, you need to be in Teuta’s tribal fusion classes.

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"I love dancing with Teuta. I learned to accept myself, and to enjoy moving and dancing. I hope to continue the classes for many years."


“Teuta is a fantastic, fun and inspiring teacher. She coaches us through the tough work-out, beautiful choreographies and she also focuses attention on the emotion we put into our dance. Also, the events Teuta organises are a lot of fun!”


“Teuta’s classes are great. A good mix of technique, yoga, choreography, laughing and fun!”


"Your classes are like therapy to me. I sometimes come to class feeling tired and down, and I leave feeling inspired and uplifted"


"The classes were very inspiring to me, because I learned new bellydance moves I never did before. Before I already did classical bellydance, but Teuta's classes are different and more fun because of the modern moves!"


“Nice, fun classes. A lot of technical work which I love. I have learned a lot in 1 year!”


Come find us at Planeet Mars.

Walking Distance from Ghent Dampoort Station.

Address: Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent